EarthTek LLC.
Block Maker

This model is designed specifically for the owner builder and for export to budding micro businesses, this is an entry level block press without the frills yet built with the same attention to detail given our larger models!!


This machine can produce almost 2000 full size blocks in an 8 hour day, this equates to enough blocks to build a 1200 sq ft house in 3 days!

With a fuel consumption of less than 10 gallons per day, the smallest $ to weight ratio, the most economical use of labor, and the lowest manufacturing time this machine should very well be the greenest system on the market. And one more thing,

Made in USA

Price: $22,500


Production Rate: up to 4 blocks per minute
Block Size 4" x 12" x (8")
(width adjustable to 2")
Engine 18 HP Gas engine
Controls Automatic
Hydraulic Components  Prince, Barnes; available worldwide
Hydraulic Oil Filtration 10 microns
Pressure to Block up to 1450 PSI on block
Trailer Single axle; capable of maintaining highway speeds
Standard  Features
  • New tires, wheels and axle, 5' gravity conveyor

Options: Spare tire, 10' gravity conveyor