Here is a current listing of all our videos published on you-tube:

Earthtek Inc. PGA-360 Demo
demo and test of pga-360

150/240 test run
the test run of new 150 qnd 240 ceb machines

PDA-480-14DP - PEB-8A System
The 480 dbl prs and 8A blender by

The Compressed Earth Block Bullet Proof Test
Testing a CEB wall for the ability to withstand small arms fire

pga-600-12 CEB Machine
We are running a new PGA-600-12 Compressed Earth Block Machine...

blm with sawdust then dirt

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Earth Block Home Under Construction
Construction of 2 compressed earth block homes in Midland Texas

You Can Live In A Tornado Proof Home! 
torrnado, proof, hurricane, wind, compressed, earth, block, home

Earth Block Machine with Earth Blender
Powell & Sons Compressed Earth Block Machine with PEB-6A Blender