Onsite Training

Over the course of the past two decades we have gathered much experience in the construction field. Dan Powell has had a New Mexico GB98 General Construction License since 1996 and has built many structures in New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma while also participating in the design and fabrication of all the block press machinery manufactured by EarthTek.

Dan has been in Peru, The Dominican Republic, Turkey, Israel and Nigeria as well as in the US training individuals in all aspects of the CEB production and construction business.

While the training at our facilities in the machine operation is at no extra charge we have found that it is necessary in many cases for training in soils technology and construction techniques as well as the (for us, routine) operations of our machinery. This can only be done over a period of several days or sometimes weeks in the field with your local soil, labor force and building needs. If you are interested in discussing training you can reach me via email at dan@adobemachine.com . We will discuss charges at that time.