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August 2019 Update

I'm heading back to Angola on the 19th to help finalise our projects there as well as some in other areas. fingers crossed and prayers are appreciated for the tremendous vision.

June 2019 Update

I was in Africa for the better part of a May and just returned wednesday the 5th. the following is a synopsis of the trip.

The Africa trip was both busy and successful, Many of our Angola projects are on track to get funding and my primary partner, Aeon Development, is on track doing exactly that. We now have projects to look at in Tanzania, Namibia and Zimbabwe as well as south Africa nad several more in Angola.

While building homes and economies is our objective its been necessary to build relationships in each of the several countries where we are planning our endeavors. Aeon Development has joint ventures and concessions to build agricultural industries with the associated farms and processing facilities to enable them, several hundreds of thousands of homes with their own low voltage microgrids as well as waste to energy plants in the big cities to combat the unimaginable trash epidemic as well as provide clean inexpensive electricity and the one more addition is the institute of technology in partnership with Oklahoma State University to provide the education tools needed to create a workforce that will be able to sustain all these development programs.

pictures for this last trip

Billions in Need, Billions in Change
The next step!
          Good Morning, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about what we are currently doing and why. I suppose it would be best to talk about the why first in order to give a perspective as to what we are doing.
          Take a look at the logo above and you will see "Sustainable Solutions" "Homes, Lives, Communities". We realized many years ago that earth construction was great for the environment as well as comfortable and quiet but what we didn't realize up until around 2011 was the incredible potential for many other solutions and the incredible need for those solutions, not so much here in the US but in areas that don't have the infrastructure or stability to provide what we take for granted.
          I was viewing the video "Billions in Change" and recognized the solutions to many of the needs that I've seen in my travels around this planet. We knew we could build homes for very little that would last for decades, if not centuries, but we still had the problems of electricity, water and food in order to create a truly sustainable environment. oh, and jobs, that was and is a big one, none of this mattered if a community couldnt keep its workers. We knew that building homes could be a major employer in an area considering the magnitude of the numbers of homes needed, but we also knew that we needed to nurture agriculture as well as what manufacturing the area could provide and support. So Manoj Bhargova provided some of those solutions and we could provide some of those solutions and hopefully the people we are working for will provide the rest.
         So the why is; we are compelled to create these solutions in order to live with ourselves, the dreams of selling lots of machines have been replaced by building homes, hope and perhaps, God willing, peace.
         I read an artical several years ago about "doing well by doing good" ,you can link to it from our tornado proof page, I agree with Manoj in that if we can operate at zero profit and still maintain production then we will have accomplished what, to many, is a fantasy. This doesn't mean that we give away our product, what it means is that our product is subsidized for those in need conditions by those not in need. One of the ways we have done this is by developing very inexpensive yet powerful machinery in paralell with our higher end, industrial machinery. Hence the introduction of the BLM12-8MB as a basic block press. This is the block press that we are going to use in our projects in Africa and this is the block press we are going to build in Africa. Try to imagine, a typical 200 sq meter house (thats about 650 sq ft) doesn't sound like much yet it's bigger than a tiny home and will shelter a family of 8 if necessary. and we can build these for less than the price of a pickup. each machine takes a crew of 5 and each home takes a crew of 20-25 and we can build 2 homes per week with one block press, this equates to about 100 homes per year. Many nations in Africa need a minimum of 500,000 home EACH and they need them now! We can reasonable build 1000 block presses a month in country within 24 months of startup which is only dictated by the ability of the construction end to absorb the machinery by training operators and workers, since we are taking responsibility for both, this will be done in a scalable format.
         We are currrently partnering with Aeon Corp to obtain the concessions and diplomatic solutions in several countries right now. some of these are in place and await our arrival. we are also working with EkoGreen out of Nigeria (the customer who kick started this endeavor) on a project of theirs. This one will commence in Niamey on April 15 where you will find me for the next month or so. The Aeon projects appear to be focused in both Angola and South Africa, both of which are huge and both of which will need outside financing. We are also developing a project in Mozambique of 500,000 homes, yeah, half a million! this one is also urgent and will need outside financing. Aeon corp has put together a plan but the truth is that we need money to make all this happen.
         So if you want to help us or throw some money at us, LOL, or know someone who wants to do something worthwhile,  drop us a line.
        I will endeavor to keep this up to date and add pictures when I can.  In the meanwhile here are some pictures of the project in Lagos, Nigeria  click here